20 Facts About Me

I thought, as a little insight to me, I’d share 20 random facts about myself, some informative, some probably pretty random!

I’d love to see your 20 facts!

1) I’m petrified of feathers and things that flap. I can handle ducks, parrots and penguins as long as they don’t flap near me. Loose feathers and chickens though…. 😦

2) I no longer have a gallbladder.

3) I was selectively mute for almost the whole of my first year at primary school.

4) I’m married and have 2 boys, 1 cat and 1 dog.

5) I am awful at maths, the mere thought of having to calculate the cost of splitting something sends me into a panic.

6) I love to do lists. I have a list for everything; work, personal life, going away. The satisfaction of ticking something off is amazing.
7) When I was younger I wanted to be an author, then a vet, then an author again.
I had a bit of a thing about being a tennis player because I liked the outfit, despite having no interest or talent in tennis.

8) I spend far too much time on Pinterest and have ideas that involve Waashi Tape for almost every room in my house.

9) I once worked out with Mr Motivator in a tent at a festival.

10) I’ve moved house 16 times.
(it used to excite me, it now pains me!)

11) I love Grease 2 and know all the words to the songs

12) I went to Vegas for our honeymoon

13) I pretty much relate something to “That time on Friends when…” on a weekly basis and always quote things from the show.

14) I have stupid UK 6.5 size feet. 6s in heels are too tight, 7s are too big and I walk like a 3 year old in their mum’s heels. 6.5 heels are never really 6.5

15) (Starting to struggle!) I’m a Sagittarius. I think I fit the profile for a Saggie.

16) I’m naturally really shy. However people never see this (as I’ve got older). I think I over compensate for it at times.

17) I’m not really girly, I want to get my nails done, but also drive fast cars and set fire to stuff.

18) I’ive suffered from eczema since a toddler and it’s never really gone away

19) I wish I could sing. I love to sing but I’m about as good at singing as toddlers are tidying.

20) I nearly threw up behind Prince William when suffering from morning sickness when pregnant with my first born.

I’d love to hear yours, so please share!

Nat x




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